New vinyl EP ‘Instant Transmission’ out now on Manjumasi

I have some new music out on vinyl this week. It’s a collaborative EP with Vridian, this time on Mark Slee and my’s Manjumasi imprint.

While Vir and I only met in person once (which was a hello/handshake at my OddBird Theatre gig in New Delhi back in 2017) we’ve had a close musical connection as he’d released 2 killer forward-thinking EPs on Manjumasi. We’ve been chatting over the years sharing music and musings on life in general. At the start of the pandemic, I had a lot of musical drafts, but I wanted to push them to the next level in terms of edginess and sophistication, so I sent a few tunes his way to see if he was inspired. He bounced back with some outstanding ideas, and we tirelessly worked on molding these lumps of clay into a lump of wax.

Artistically and personally, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Vir and building our relationship – it took us two years to fully understand each other’s approach + figuring out when to compromise and when to veto, so I see this EP as the first chapter in a story that’s yet to be written.

I’m proud of our final product and floored by the absolute stormer remix from Christopher Ledger, another artist whose music is another dimension beyond the rest of the pack.

This is currently a vinyl-exclusive release, so check the link here if you’d like to own and support the music in its physical form!

A conversation w/ Atish and club booker (Peter Blick of Public Works/Walter Where?house)

The Office Hours Industry series continued this month with a guest appearance from respected club manager, promoter, and event organizer Peter Blick. Peter has been at the helm of nightlife scenes in San Francisco, Denver and Phoenix. I’ve worked with him many times, growing my presence in these cities at the likes of Public Works and Walter Where?House as well as through the Atish All Night series in SF and Denver.

Peter and I dug into how the world of promotion and event organisation in the electronic music world really works and what it is that promoters/bookers are looking for in emerging talent.

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Discord Demo Day 012 – atish & Anja Schneider

It was very special to welcome Anja Schneider as my guest on the most recent Discord Demo Day. She has had a massive impact on the international underground scene and on my own personal musical path over the last two decades. She’s worn many hats over the years as a DJ, producer, label boss (of Mobilee Records and now Sous Music), and business builder, so it was great to have her join me on the stream. Hope you enjoy!

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Discord Demo Day 011 – atish & Eelke Kleijn

I was thrilled to welcome Eelke Kleijn as my guest host for the March edition of Discord Demo Day. Eelke is an industry veteran, having released music since 2006. I got turned onto him back in 2013 and have been closely following his journey ever since.

Over the years, he’s released music on respected imprints such as Spinnin’, Suara, Toolroom, Einmusika, and Balance, but he has also a deep catalog on his own prestigious project, DAYSlikeNIGHTS.

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Discord Demo Day 010 – atish & Love over Entropy

Love over Entropy is one of those “producer’s producers.” Not everybody may know his name, but those who do have mad respect for his work spanning prestigious labels such as Cocoon, Endless, Lossless, Sohaso, and others. Beyond that, he’s done a couple stellar remixes for Manjumasi, and he’s an all around lovely and pleasant human, so I was very happy to have him lend his ears on February’s stream. Enjoy!

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A Conversation with Atish and a House/Techno Booking Agent (Gunita Nagpaul of listed Bookings)

I sat down with Gunita Nagpaul, head booking agent of Listed Bookings, and we discussed some of the most common questions around the bookings side of the industry: How do I get gigs outside my home town? How can I get a booking agent? How can a booking agent help move my career forward? And many others…

This conversation is taken from my Artist Mentorship program. More info on the program here:

Hopefully this conversation can help you on your career journey!

Discord Demo Day with guest host Mark Slee

Delighted to have welcomed my Manjumasi co-conspirator Mark Slee as my guest on the latest instalment of Discord Demo Day.

I’ve known Mark for 23 years. He is a man of many talents, but his releases on Manjumasi, Cityfox, Seven Villas, and Kindisch amongst others, speak to his sonic voice in the industry as a respected producer. Beyond the DAW, Mark and I work closely together every day on our Manjumasi label imprint, and we heavily rely on each other’s ears for reviewing and critiquing music.

Given all the projects we’ve worked on, I’ve always appreciated that Mark has a unique ability to both analyze how things fit in the big picture while simultaneously (and sometimes neurotically) being able to get deep in the details.

Hope you enjoy!

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‘Baby Steps & Grand Gestures’ from Padre out now on Manjumasi

Happy to announce our latest Manjumasi release this week, “Baby Steps and Grand Gestures” by Padre aka Pete Lazonby. Pete sent these tracks our way back in 2020, and from the first few seconds of listening, I knew there was something special. This is our first label release with vocals, and I love that it’s music that’s really hard to stylistically put in a box and keeps me on the edge of the seat.

We released this on vinyl last year, and happy to have it available on digital with stellar remixes from Powel and Floyd Lavine.

Stream/Download here.

Discord Demo Day with guest host Jeremy Olander

I was thrilled to have Jeremy Olander as my guest host for the last Discord Demo Day of 2021. Jeremy is a melodic house and techno production wizard with his music showcased through his own Vivrant imprint, and he’s also released on prestigious labels such as Anjunadeep, Suara, and Last Night on Earth amongst others. I’m a big fan of his music, hope you enjoy watching!

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Discord Demo Day with guest host Tim Engelhardt

Very happy to have hosted Tim Engelhardt as my guest on Discord Demo Day 007. Tim’s a bit of a wonderkid in the world of dance music having released on highly reputable labels such as Watergate, Poker Flat, Stil Vor Talent, Vivrant, Sincopat, and Rebellion before reaching 20 years old. Beyond that, Tim and I have collaborated together as producers on our track “Bullfrog” and he’s remixed for Manjumasi. His ears are first class and he’s a lovely human being.

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My new collab EP with YokoO is out now on his Satya label

Big milestone today as “Atman,” my collab EP with YokoO, is out now in digital stores and streaming platforms. I don’t release music often (it’s been nearly 2 years since my Warbler EP!) so I’m feeling quite of bit of excitement and relief right now.

This EP came together deep in the isolation of 2020. I had been working on some tunes off on my own and I sent dear Julien a whatsapp message with a playlist of what I’ve been cooking. He felt inspired by the parts, and within a few short weeks, we found ourselves with 3 originals perfect for his new Satya imprint.

It’s been an absolute pleasure collaborate with YokoO, and both as a friend and fellow artist, I’m glad we’ve been able to cross paths in this way. Hope you enjoy the music!

Stream/Download the release here.

Highlights from Discord Demo Day with guest host Hoj

I’ve been a fan of and friends with Hoj for over a decade now, and I was thrilled to co-host him on Discord Demo Day. His ears bring a lot to the table: he’s a label founder of Tale & Tone records, a resident of All Day I Dream, and a killer DJ and producer as well. Beyond the music he’s just a lovey human being overall.

Full stream available here.

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Making the Move from Ableton to Bitwig

New tune in progress and DAW nerd talk…I’ve using this time at home to get deep into learning Bitwig, a DAW that I now prefer to Ableton. Thought I’d share a few things that make BW shine over Live.

Big things:

  • Open multiple projects at once. The audio engine is decoupled from the project (!!) Super easy to pull elements in and out of other projects or reference what you were doing in previous versions. Live has a clunky approach to project component sharing, but it’s so bad I never use it
  • Modulators. EVERYTHING can be modulated, in many crazy ways. This is natively built-in, not an LFO tool bolt-on. It’s insane how much this has made my textures richer and more complex. Plus my approach to working with samples is completely fresh
  • The Grid. Bitwig’s friendlier version of Max/MSP. It’s so fun I find myself building my own synths
  • Shortcut key map everything. Extremely powerful, I’m much more productive. TÂCHES has a template file to make all the Bitwig shortcuts mimic Live’s
  • Hybrid Audio/Midi tracks+bounce in place. Productivity win here. Less frustrating to bounce a clip, which means more fun to experiment tweaking with ideas
  • Hard to quantify, but the interface just feels slicker

Medium things:

  • Library browser on steroids. Half of music production is choosing which tools to use
  • Combined session/arrangement view. Workflow++
  • Hide tracks out of view. Focus on what I’m working on. Remove all the garbage. Focus++ 
  • Manipulate audio within the clip view. Session Jamming++

Small things:

  • Inline Help. The detail they put into their help dialogues is insane and actually…helpful
  • Stability. The decoupling of the audio engine makes a project still workable even if a plugin crashes. Reload it inline

High level thoughts:

  • Took me only 3 weeks to be able to fully flow in Bitwig. Would have been quicker if we had a nanny for more hours a day 😉
  • I think Bitwig is worth making the switch if you’re an intermediate or advanced Live user (3+ years). BW community support is not yet as robust, so Live wins if you’re new to production.
  • I’m not dropping Live altogether. I’ll still have Live in my pocket for Mentorship sessions and collab work

Discord Demo Day with guest host Kora

For this month’s Discord Demo day I was very happy to host one of the nicest and most talented guys in our scene, Kora. In addition to Kora being a dear friend and top level producer, he gives some of the best critical feedback on the industry. I actually send all my own work to him before I release any of my work because his ear is so good. Enjoy!

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Highlights from Discord Demo Day with guest host TÂCHES

Who would have thought that last week’s Discord Demo Day would lead to a few tracks offered to sign or continued on as collaborations with TÂCHES?

Overall, the session was a smash. Taches and I were supposed to go only 1 hour, but we had so much fun we doubled it and went for two. Just goes to hammer home the point I made last week: don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You never know what opportunities might be around the corner. Also, it’s incredibly satisfying to hear feedback within my Discord community that producers – even the ones who aren’t submitting demos – are finding great value in improving on their own creative journey. I think we’ve got something special going 🙂

This is a little snippet from the full thing, hats off to the producers featured here: Will Anjers, Drew Proud, Reza Safinia, Wave, Howl, Goodboy James, Words Of Nio. Who should I have as my guest host next month?

Link to the full 2 hour session here:

And feel free to join my discord channel at