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Quantity Over Quality: Mastering your craft in making art

Last year, my wife suggested I read the book Art & Fear, and this fundamentally changed my approach to making music. There’s a section in the book that illustrates that it’s better to think about quantity rather than quality when approaching creative work. The act of finishing a piece of work, even if you don’t think it’s great, teaches you about your own artistic process and the many steps that are involved in going from start to finish. This means we must strive to finish as much work as we possibly can, rather than obsessing over a single perfect piece (which we’ll probably never achieve). When we do this, we will get much closer to mastery of our craft at a much faster rate.

Art & Fear:

Working with a record label Vs. Self-releasing music

In my previous video, I discussed the best way to submit your demos to record labels to maximize the chance of getting a response. But the truth is, working with record labels can really suck. For this video, I’ll discuss the up and downsides of working with labels and the tradeoffs against bypassing labels and releasing music on your own.

Demo Submissions: Increasing your success with record labels

Submitting demos to music labels is one of most nerve wracking parts of building an artist career since most labels never respond, let alone listen to our demos. I wanted to share a few small suggestions from a label manager’s point of view that can increase your chances of getting your music heard, and hopefully signed.