Feedback Friday on Discord (Recap)

Sharing a few bits from last week’s first #feedbackfriday, a livestream where I critique demos in real time. I really enjoyed this, and I was glad to see in the Discord chat that many of you found it valuable as well. It’s hard enough making yourself vulnerable to critical feedback privately, so having me critique your work in a public forum is a win in itself. One unexpected upside was two of the tracks submitted were heard by a label owner and were offered to sign!

I wish I had enough time to make it through all the submissions, but fear not, I will do another one of these in a month. Also, if you subscribe at the “My Dear Hotdog” tier on Patreon, I can ensure that your track will be prioritized next time around. Be sure to hang out in my Discord server for updates around the next one, both Patreon and Discord links here: