Highlights from Discord Demo Day with guest host TÂCHES

Who would have thought that last week’s Discord Demo Day would lead to a few tracks offered to sign or continued on as collaborations with TÂCHES?

Overall, the session was a smash. Taches and I were supposed to go only 1 hour, but we had so much fun we doubled it and went for two. Just goes to hammer home the point I made last week: don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You never know what opportunities might be around the corner. Also, it’s incredibly satisfying to hear feedback within my Discord community that producers – even the ones who aren’t submitting demos – are finding great value in improving on their own creative journey. I think we’ve got something special going 🙂

This is a little snippet from the full thing, hats off to the producers featured here: Will Anjers, Drew Proud, Reza Safinia, Wave, Howl, Goodboy James, Words Of Nio. Who should I have as my guest host next month?

Link to the full 2 hour session here:

And feel free to join my discord channel at