atish: DJ, Producer, Manjumasi, Mentor

dj, producer, label head, mentor

that’s me

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June 3: atish100 all night tickets on sale

April 25: My Texas Eclipse recording is on Soundcloud now
April 11: My Shola EP on Rebellion is out now! Stream/buy here

Mar 26: Presave my Shola EP on Rebellion, coming out April 12

Mar 11: New Manjumasi release, including a collab track ‘Ultramar

Feb 28: Hooray, new site launched!

Feb 22: Deep House London interview

Feb 13: New YouTube video: A Conversation Around TrackIDs

welcome to my website!

here are some of my most recent mixes. these are what most people know me for

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this is what i look like when i dj

i also make music. here’s my most recent release

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let’s be best friends!!

i’d love to text or email about upcoming music, mixes, and tour dates in your area. check below to stay connected with me

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i run a boutique record label with my partner and dear friend Mark Slee. we’ve been friends and artistic collaborators for 25 years. we’ve released ~40 records across both digital and vinyl.

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Artist Mentorship:

i’ve been at this for 16 years, and i love sharing what i’ve learned, giving back, developing others, and building community (sometimes for money)

Learn more + apply

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Taking Back The Groove movie!!

i was an executive producer and music composer on a short film documentary about Richie Weeks, a disco star who was exploited by the record industry. sadly this a common story, particularly for people of color. it’s currently doing the film festival circuit. we won 1st prize at rhode island film fest, and my parents loved it.

it was incredibly rewarding telling this story and working in this medium.

more about the film here

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i ran a festival onesie clothing line, called Peculiar Colors. it’s currently in hibernation, since it’s too much work, but it was a fun project.

The shop is still online at

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in a previous life, i was a software engineer. i have a bachelor’s degree in computer science. i worked at facebook from 2010-2015 mostly as an iOS engineer building early versions of the messenger and fb app. those were some good times, and i’ll probably never again be able to say a billion people saw my work.

before that, i was engineer #3 at, a personal finance startup that was acquired by intuit.

before that, i was an IT consultant doing god awful corporate work.

i still think like an engineer and try to operate at the speed of a software startup. from time to time i still write code.

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i live in east village NYC with my wife Meetu and my son Zian